Source: (2000) Paper presented at the Just Peace? Peace Making and Peace Building for the New Millennium conference, held in Auckland, New Zealand, 24-28 April. Auckland, New Zealand: Massey University, School of Social and Cultural Studies, Centre for Justice and Peace Development.

While many advocate for the application of restorative justice system-wide in criminal justice, some have questioned its effectiveness or appropriateness for certain types of crimes – for example, domestic violence. In the latter instance, domestic violence is described as having unique characteristics, such that restorative justice is not suitable for cases of this sort. In this paper, Anne Hayden raises the question of restorative justice and domestic violence by pursuing four objectives: (1) a challenge of the misconception that domestic violence is perpetrated only by men; (2) an examination of the dynamics of gender and power in domestic violence; (3) a comparison of possible outcomes of interventions in domestic violence, with an argument for the use of restorative justice in some instances; and (4) a discussion of certain principles for the practice of restorative justice in domestic violence cases.