Source: (2004) Paper presented at the Third Conference of the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice, “Restorative Justice in Europe: Where are we heading?", Budapest, Hungary, 14-16 October. Downloaded 24 May 2005.

The first restorative justice project has been initiated by an NGO (Ukrainian Centre for Common Ground (UCCG)) and it is functioning on a pilot basis in Ukraine since January 2003. The Restorative justice project is designed for 3 years. It sets for itself the following tasks: establish good relations with justice system institutions; develop a system to establish rules and procedures through which cases are outsourced for mediation; train victim-offender mediators; implement the system as a pilot in Kiev; extend the project to regions outside Kiev; develop an evaluation mechanism to assess the effectiveness of the current restorative justice model; increase public awareness of the theory and practice of restorative justice through media, web-site development and training workshops for legal system representatives; use opportunities for institutionalisation at national and sub-national levels. The first year of the project was focused only on restorative justice implementation in Kiev, but now there is an intention to spread restorative justice practices into five regions in Ukraine. (excerpt)