As a shining example of community support, Omaha has myriad clusters of community based activities, such as weekly meetings to inform one another about the activities and goals of helping support youth and their families throughout Omaha.  There are a number of networks who help to reintegrate offenders back into the community by assisting with employment, budgeting, housing, and transportation so as to reduce recidivism.  There are people helping other people on a one-to-one basis to aid felons in continuing transformation of their lives.  There is a mountain of assistance available just for the asking in order to gain computer skills, to complete job applications, to find housing and become an integral, valuable, contributing member of the community.  Help is also available for obtaining help providing food and clothing.  

These kinds of things could happen in ANY community!  By coming together with open minds, open hearts and open arms, we can put Restorative Justice firmly in place.  When that happens, we can be sure to minimize crime as well as recidivism. The quality of human life will be maximized to the fullest extent possible.

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