Source: (2002) Denver, CO: Colorado Forum on Community and Restorative Justice.

The Longmont Community Justice Partnership is a community-based, restorative justice program in Longmont, Colorado. The partnership involves the Longmont Police Department, Longmont Municipal Probation, St. Vrain Valley School District, Clearview Educational Center, and Teaching Peace (a nonprofit organization which manages the program). Using a restorative justice model, this program provides alternative conflict resolution processes for victims, offenders, and the community. This document consists of ideas and materials to assist individuals and organizations who want to initiate and operate a restorative justice program. Toward this end, it covers information on the following: restorative justice ideas and practices; steps for building a community partnership; putting together a board of advisors and a team of facilitators; case management; program evaluation; program personnel; treatment of victims; training; financial management; and more. Samples of useful forms are also provided in both paper form and electronic form (Microsoft Word files on an included CD-ROM).