Source: (2006) Center for Restorative Justice & Peacemaking, School of Social Work, University of Minnesota. Saint Paul, Minnesota: University of Minnesota.

Toran Hansen discusses the recent shift in Eastern Europe from highly punitive justice systems to a restorative justice framework. Some reasons for the shift include high rates of incarceration in the region, high levels of recidivism resulting in overcrowded prisons, and desired partnership with the European Union, which has encouraged the states to conform to the EU’s standards. Hansen also acknowledges the many challenges involved with introducing a more restorative framework, most notably because of such a major shift from a paternal, centralized policy. Hansen then breaks down the developments in Restorative Justice policy and practice in individual Eastern European states, from Estonia to the Slovak Republic. Also included are comprehensive charts, graphs, and statistics relating to restorative justice implementation in Eastern Europe.

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