Source: (2006) ‘Co-operation of Eastern and Central European countries for the development of restorative justice and mediation’, Warsaw, 21-22 January 2006‘.

I should like to say something about the European Forum for Restorative Justice; then I will suggest ways in which in which restorative justice could develop in Europe, especially the extension of restorative approaches in schools. Then I will look at three particular ways in which restorative justice can be put into practice. One is through community involvement, including the work of non-governmental organizations, the use of trained volunteers from the community, and the participation of those affected, who are of course also members of the community. Secondly, we have to consider the position of restorative justice in relation to the criminal justice system. Thirdly, how can restorative justice could be linked to crime reduction and social reform? Finally, I should like to look at examples of these restorative approaches in three other parts of the world. (excerpt)