Source: (2002) Newsletter of the European Forum for Victim Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice. 3(3):6.

In the view of Jacques Faget, the concept of restorative justice is not well known among academics, researchers, and practitioners in France. Some programs can be considered to be inspired by restorative justice ideas – for example, the community service order, now renamed “community punishment order.â€? Also, mediation in penal matters can be seen as founded on restorative justice. Yet, writes Faget, other measures do no more than provide a reparative slant to retributive principles generally favored by the criminal justice system. Against this background, he reports on the status of restorative justice in France based on research performed in a number of French courts. The research revealed the existence of two models of mediation practice in penal matters: the judicial model, which predominates; and the restorative model.