Source: (1999) International Review of Victimology. 6(4): 345-358.

The article provides data from a study of violence against Inuit women in the Canadian eastern Arctic. Although the focus is on indigenous communities, the issues raised are pertinent to many other communities and cultures. The article argues that restorative justice holds great promise but there are significant challenges to ensuring that violence is effectively confronted and women protected. It examines six critical issues: (1) breaking the silence and education; (2) the needs of victims; (3) power relationships; (4) elders; (5) cultural values; and (6) resources. One critical theme that runs through material presented by native peoples is that a holistic approach to crime is required which is community-based. Because of the great diversity of cultures and communities, a generic model will not be effective. The article recommends an inter-agency approach that involves a cross-section of healthy, non-abusive individuals from the community, including women. Abstract courtesy of National Criminal Justice Reference Service,