Source: (2006) Sheffield, UK: Centre for Criminological Research University of Sheffield.

This article is the full report of the second stage of the evaluation of three restorative justice schemes - CONNECT, the Justice Research Consortium and REMEDI - set up and funded by the Home Office of the Centre for Criminological Research under the Crime Reduction Programme. This report focuses on the process of restorative justice itself, such as examining the views of the restorative justice personnel and those of the agencies and courts with which they were associated. The report also looks at the different ways in which offenders and victims were approached and the numbers and types of cases which ended up with restorative justice being undertaken. The authors also evaluate the restorative justice events (such as indirect mediation, direct mediation and conferencing) which were undertaken by the three schemes, along with the nature of any agreements made at the end of those restorative justice processes. Finally, the authors consider the extent to which the items in those agreements were followed up and were achieved by the parties.