Source: (2004) Report on International Conference, Moscow, June 7 - 9. Moscow: Public Centre for Legal and Judicial Reform. Downloaded 28 January 2005.

From June 7 to 9, 2004, the Second International Conference, entitled “Restorative Justice in Russia: Experience and Perspectives for Century XXI,â€? was held in Moscow. It was organized by the Public Centre for Legal and Judicial Reform in Russia as a part of joint British-Russian project on restorative justice. The aims of the project are to develop restorative justice for young offenders in Russia and to build restorative justice into the Russian system of law and criminal justice. The purposes for this conference were to reflect on prior efforts to establish restorative justice in Russia and to explore the potential for restorative justice in Russia in the years ahead. This document provides an overview of conference participants, topics, and outcomes.