Source: (2011) Thesis. Master of Science in Criminal Justice. Rochester Institute of Technology. Rochester, New York.

Literature suggests that restorative justice programs can have improved outcomes when examining recidivism rates and satisfaction levels of both victim and offender in many instances compared to traditional approaches. Partners in Restorative Initiatives implemented peace circles and community conferencing, both restorative justice programs, within James Monroe High School in Rochester, NY. The practice of peace circles within Monroe High School was explored in comparison to theory and current national and international uses of peace circles. This paper discussed the restorative justice approach of using peace circles within James Monroe High School in Rochester, NY and how it affected perceptions of safety, respect, violence, and communication amongst teachers and students. Through survey analysis, personal observation, and interviews, this paper examined if the use of peace circles improved school environment, enhanced relationships between students and teachers, and was an effective approach to discuss issues of delinquency without relying strictly on punishment. (author's abstract)