Source: (2005) Austin, Texas: Texas Public Policy Foundation. Downloaded 19 October 2005.

As Marc Levin remarks, Texas has a reputation for being very tough on crime. However, he further observes, Texas is increasingly doing more than simply being “tough on crime.” It has become one of the first states to put into operation certain kinds of restorative justice programs. With this in mind, Levin first reviews the historical evolution of restorative justice and modern principles of restorative justice. Then he highlights a number of specific restorative justice programs in Texas involving the following: restitution; victims’ rights and services; specialized courts; victim-offender interaction; and prison ministries. On this basis, Levin explores the future of restorative justice in Texas in terms of enhanced victim involvement, expanded programs and specialized courts, reduction of prison and probation populations, school discipline, juvenile justice, and domestic violence.

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