Source: (2005) Paper. Institute of Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Downloaded 14 November 2005.

Mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution that explore needs and interests of the parties are becoming standard provisions in new legislation in areas of civil law that previously have been dealt with by way of rights and through Courts or Tribunals. Such legislative provisions have more than doubled in the last few years, although with little consistency of either nomenclature or process. Alternative (or as some argue “Appropriateâ€?) Dispute Resolution processes have attracted considerable research and attention from a range of disciplines over the last 25 years. These changes have been paralleled by the increasing diversity of New Zealand society. This paper discusses some emerging themes in both theory and practice in the field, some of the issues to be considered in suitable legislative design, and their relevance to concepts of restorative justice. Author's abstract.

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