Source: (2004) Canadian Society of Criminology: New Directions in Crime, Law and Justice. Also presented at the "5th International Conference on Conferencing & Circles", organized by the International Institute for Restorative Practices, August 5-7, Vancouver, Canada. Downloaded 2 December 2004.

Michael Kearns is a serving police office with the Metropolitan Police Service, London, England. At the time of writing this paper, he was on secondment with a Youth Offending Team in Bexley Borough, South London. In the paper he describes his own experiences in various efforts to integrate restorative practices into the English justice system, particularly the youth justice system. In this regard he discusses the origins and principles of restorative justice; the significance of communication for offenders and victims in justice processes; and the aims, structures, and practices of the youth justice system in England following the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, especially with the Act’s emphasis on prevention of offending by children and young people.

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