Source: (1999) In Restorative juvenile justice: Repairing the harm of youth crime, ed. Gordon Bazemore and Lode Walgrave, 103-126. With an introduction by Gordon Bazemore and Lode Walgrave. Monsey, NY: Criminal Justice Press.

Braithwaite and Parker argue that restorative justice, construed in terms of a republican politics of non-domination, provides hope for better juvenile justice in the future. Their argument begins with descriptions of key concepts, including republicanism or republican justice, and restorative justice, and their correlation of republicanism and restorative justice. They fill this out by elaborating the meaning of restoration of victims, and the use of conferences as restorative processes. At the same time, from the perspective of republicanism, they point out potential dangers with respect to domination in restorative justice ideas and practices. Therefore, they propose republican solutions to the potential dangers of restorative justice.