Source: (2006) Justice Connections: a joint publication of NAFCM, PRASI and VOMA. 3(Winter 06-07):7-8.

Many of the young offenders in the area where I live and work -- about 40 miles west of Washington, D.C. -- have grown up in war-ravaged countries, are gang-involved, or have lived most of their young lives in homes where violence of tongue and/or fist is a daily occurrence. Talking to them about alternatives to violence is like a comedy routine. Telling them that they can walk away from a violent challenge or they can teach the people they live with about practicing non-violence is like telling them they can become a rocket scientist for NASA. It is, of course, very possible; it just doesn’t make sense to them. Not in their world. Not while they’re just trying to survive every day. (excerpt)

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