Source: (2013) European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law, and Criminal Justice. 21: 291-315.

This article aims to examine restorative justice (Rj) practices in China's youtb justice system, seeking to make contributions to tbe global effort of operationalising tbe notion. It begins witb an outline of the Chinese youtb justice system. Following a brief literature review on Rj movements in China, it moves on to introduce tbe current programmes in tbe country's youtb justice practices, including those similar to tbe Western notion of Rj and tbose recognised as Rj only in Cbina, and tbe legal mecbanisms facilitating the development of restorative justice. It concludes tbat Cbina is in its own way translating tbe critical values of Rj theory into its youth justice system, leaning towards a better one forjuveniles. Tbe development of restorative justice and criminaljustice as a whole in Cbina is a work in progress. Local variations and timeframe for development sbould be permissible in its legal reform. (author's abstract)