Source: (2003) Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Statistics Canada. Downloaded 19 May 2004.

Restorative justice processes are rapidly being adopted within Canada as well as internationally as a way of responding to crime and victimization. There is, however, little information quantifying the use of restorative justice programs and services in criminal matters in Canada. In order to address this information gap, the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics was asked to undertake a special study of restorative justice programs and services. The study had two principal objectives: 1) to elaborate data collection, definitional and measurement issues related to restorative justice within the criminal justice domain, and 2) to compile an up-to-date inventory of restorative justice programs and services in criminal matters. Part 1 of this report provides an overview of Restorative Justice philosophy and concepts, presents a summary of consultation results and provides general recommendations for conducting a study to inventory Restorative Justice programs and services. Part 2 provides a list of resources related to Restorative Justice while Part 3 includes information on the sources of information and data on Restorative Justice in provinces and territories (jurisdictions). The consultation document and a detailed summary of the consultation responses are provided in Appendix 1 and Appendix 2. (excerpt)

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