....Here’s Sandy’s Story. A car accident took her youngest son’s life, but with the powerful restorative mediation process, she came to forgive the driver and heal the pain.

And here's an equally powerful story of another mother who lost her daughter:

Note: the second video tell's the story of Wendy meeting the mother and brothers of the man who killed her daughter. Here are a couple of interesting statements she makes in the video: 

"We have a punitive justice system. Restorative is what we need to have because restorative includes everyone. Punitive just includes the person who offended."

"I'll tell you what. Restorative justice isn't for the weak. It's not for the pansies. It's a tough thing to go through.It's much easier to hate and close yourself off. It's much easier. this has been a tough project for me to get healed."