Source: (2009) Tikkun. 24(5):18-23.

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE, OR RESTORATIVE community justice, could be essential to our future as a democracy. Our country has at times been a bright and shining beacon when we were doing something really special with our notions of democracy and justice. But both the world and we have realized that our light has been dim lately. We are in need of a revival of the spirit that brought us forth. That is the promise of restorative justice: that the spirit of democracy rests on the shoulders of justice, which in turn rests on the shoulders of an informed and responsible citizenry. Responsibility in a democracy belongs to all of us together, and restorative justice practices make the doing of justice everybody's job. Sunny Schwartz's book is about how it can be done in even the most unforgiving and hostile environments. (excerpt)