Source: (2005) VOMA Connections. Winter 2005-2006(22):11-12.

My engagement with the concept of restorative justice has entailed on occasions a sense of déjà vu and renewing of acquaintance with a friend long forgotten. At times it is the “aha!” feeling, the lifting of the veil that reveals a concealment I did not know existed. This paradoxical state is not a surprise because I come from a land about which “if you say one thing, the opposite is also true.” This aphorism probably emerged because the young nation-state of India is one of the oldest civilizations. Indian culture is multicultural, multireligious, and multilingual, a reservoir of multiple traditions. In India, there is also a practical quotidian existence of tradition(s) and modernity (see Ramanujan, 1989). (excerpt)

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