Source: (2003) Newsletter of the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice. 4(2):4-5. Downloaded 11 September 2002.

Boris Abrashev reports in this article on a seminar titled “Towards Restorative Justice – introducing Victim-Offender Mediation into the Criminal Justice System." The seminar was held 16-17 May 2003 in Varna, Bulgaria. Supported financially by the Council of Europe, the seminar was organized by the Help Foundation, for which Abrashev is a project coordinator. The Help Foundation is a local non-governmental organization working in the field of crime prevention and rehabilitation of ex-offenders. The seminar was held for the following purposes: to raise public awareness; to discuss with Bulgarian criminal justice officials the potential of alternative dispute resolution methods such as victim-offender mediation (VOM); to begin to introduce restorative justice principles into the Bulgarian legal context; and to begin to initiate changes in the law to enhance the use of VOM and restorative justice.