Source: (2004) Community Issues in Criminal Justice. The Reporter (John Howard Society of Alberta). Spring. Dowloaded 20 January 2005.

For years the John Howard Society of Alberta has been reviewing developments in restorative justice. The literature on restorative justice has burgeoned during that time; and three “playersâ€? or “stakeholdersâ€? have been identified by proponents as key elements in the restorative justice framework: the crime victim; the offender; and the community. The Society believes a fourth component in the restorative justice framework requires more attention – namely, the role and function of the government or the state. In this paper, then, and in anticipation of a longer paper soon to be completed and made available, the Society traces the history of criminal justice with respect to victims and offenders, looks at the community role in restorative justice, and points to ways to clarify the role and function of the state in a restorative justice framework.

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