Source: (2006) In, Report on the 2006 COnference -- 'Beyond Retribution.' Aukland, NZ: Prison Fellowship New Zealand. pp. 173-180.

“It helps now and then to step back and take the long view”, so said Archbishop Oscar Romero, martyred Archbishop of San Salvado. It does indeed help to stand back sometimes and consider the long view of our endeavours, and our place in things. Not only does this help us keep our balance and perspective, but it can provide encouragement when the odds seem against us. To discover the long view of restorative justice we have to look at the breadth, the depth and the richness of the movement – for restorative justice is, undoubtedly, now an international movement. So a brief look at the historical perspective, the geographical panorama, and the richness of the fabric of restorative justice will lay the basis for a consideration of the way ahead. (excerpt)

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