Source: (2004) London: Justice.

As Shari Tickell and Kate Akester observe in their introduction to this small book, restorative justice has captured imaginations around the world. It has entered deeply into the youth justice system in the United Kingdom, and it is now beginning to filter into the treatment of adults. The authors assert that there is enormous scope for the concepts of restorative justice to deal with causes of crime in the sense of changing the behavior of those who truly accept that they have committed crimes, offended society, and harmed victims. With all of this in mind, Tickell and Akester carefully examine restorative justice principles and practices, including specific applications of restorative justice in various countries. The book covers general issues relating to restorative justice within the wider criminal justice system, as well as restorative justice developments in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Austria, Norway, and England and Wales.