Source: (1999) In,Report on the Ninth Joint Colloquium (Courmayeur Mont Blanc, Taly, 24-26 September 1999), organized under the auspices of the United Nations. Centro Nazionale di Prevenzione e Difesa Sociale. Pp. 55-95.

In discussing theoretical aspects and applied models of restorative justice, Ceretti and Mannozzi begin by noting the difficulties in defining restorative justice. As they remark, today it represents a multitude of perspectives in which particular themes converge and diverge and converge again. To attempt definition, they discuss the origins, concept, objectives, and content of restorative justice with respect to various movements and proponents. This leads to a discussion of the victimological perspective as a common denominator in the many approaches to restorative justice. In terms of applied models, the authors examine mediation as a primary instrument of restorative justice.