Source: (2007) In R. Brian Howe & Katherine Covell, eds., Children's Rights in Canada: A Question of Commitment. Ontario, Canada: Wilfrid Laurier University Press. Pp. 179-207.

"This chapter presents a focused discussion on policy and practice related to restorative justice in the context of the principles and provisions of the CRC. It is hoped that this chapter will encourage a dialogue about rights-based restorative practice by exploring and critically reflecting on recent developments and obstacles affecting Canada. To this end, the chapter begins with an overview of definitions, major themes, and principles in restorative practice. It then explores the Canadian context of restorative justice programs and critically analyzes recent developments. After this, it discusses the practice of restorative justice in terms of relevant articles in the CRC. The chapter concludes with reflections on rights-based restorative practice." (abstract)