Source: (2003) The Vermont Bar Journal, #156. 29(4). Downloaded 29 April 2004.

As Jan Peter Dembinski writes, by legislative action restorative justice became the law and official policy of the state of Vermont in May 2000. He characterizes the policy as broad and dynamic in that principles of restorative justice should be included in shaping the entire criminal justice system. Yet, Dembinski points out, restorative justice does not permeate Title 13 of Vermont Statutes Annotated – “Crimes and Criminal Procedure.â€? It is only barely mentioned as a possible option when a court orders a sentence of probation. All of this leads Dembinski to explore what restorative justice is, how restorative justice is being implemented in Vermont, and what effect it might or might not have on daily law practice for lawyers in Vermont.

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