Source: (2003) Paper presented at the Sixth International Conference On Restorative Justice. Centre for Restorative Justice. 1-4 June. Vancouver BC. Downloaded 16 June 2003.

In Israel, the youth probation system has had the mandate since 1971 to implement corrective interventions for lawbreaking youth from age of 12 – 18. In 1992, the process of mediation in the forms of V.O.R.P., Circles and R.J. was introduced on a trial basis as a part of the rehabilitative process. After 2000, mediation was acknowledged officially as an acceptable form of intervention by the department of youth probation. Specialized units were established in three youth probation centers to provide mediation services on a nationwide level. Four sources refer to these units: 1) the Police 2) the Assigned Probation Officers 3) the Public Defender 4) the Juvenile Court System which operates without a jury system. In the dialogue I will present the eight-step-process that was developed in Israel in order to integrate relevant aspects of V.O.R.P., Circles & RJ for the purpose of adapting these forms of interventions into the Israeli corrective and social system. Abstract courtesy of the Centre for Restorative Justice, Simon Fraser University.

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