To order posters, basic resource kits, interfaith leaflets, or bookmarks, please complete an Order Form Online | PDF | RTF. You can also click on the related links for printable versions, where applicable.

Theme Letter

The theme for Restorative Justice Week 2011 was the result of a creative consultation and selection process involving a number of external partners including offenders, victims, victim serving agencies, CSC staff, criminal justice partners, restorative justice practitioners, and faith community representatives. Each year, an introduction letter is written explaining the chosen theme.

Basic Resource Kit

The bilingual basic resource kit includes written collaborations and personal stories by victims, offenders, community members, restorative justice practitioners, and criminal justice partners about restorative justice.  A list of books, articles, videos, and Web pages related to Restorative Justice are also included. The Basic Resource Kit will also be available for print by mid-September.

Interfaith Leaflet

The bilingual interfaith leaflet presents information which is designed as an introduction to restorative justice for faith communities and individuals beginning to learn about a restorative approach to justice. The Interfaith Leaflet will also be available for print by mid-September.


The bilingual poster PDF is a means for people to advertise Restorative Justice Week within their local environments.  There is also a blank space available at the bottom of the poster to advertise a particular event.


The bilingual bookmarks were developed as a promotional item. They are designed to be printed on letter-sized stock paper and then cut.

Letterhead / Web Header Banner

Feel free to use the Restorative Justice Week 2011 Letterhead RTF or Web Header Graphic GIF in any correspondence, web pages, marketing, etc.

Please note that additional faith-based resources are currently being developed and will be added as they become available. For more information on faith-based resources, please contact Cathy Nobleman at or 613-995-8366.