She said restorative justice will work as long as people “will work with the coordinated effort.”

“With a focus and with the passion of the workers in these agencies which are directly involved in the criminal justice system, I don’t see any reason for the restorative justice not to work in our jurisdiction,” she said.

The DOJ chief made the statement Tuesday during the National Summit for Persons Deprived of Liberty held at the Diamond Hotel Manila.

“It’s time to lobby for the bills especially those pushing for restorative justice,” De Lima added.

Various non-government organizations have long been seeking to integrate restorative programs and practices throughout the country’s criminal system.

One of the organizations who had been lobbying for restorative justice is the Episcopal Commission of Prison Pastoral Care (ECPPC) of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.

While the justice system seeks to punish the wrongdoer, the church agency said it should move beyond punishment and seek healing of all stakeholders, the victim, the offender and the society.

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