So, if I can help the lad should I be bothered? Well I was and volunteered myself and this afternoon popped along to the Youth Offending offices with another neighbour to confront the lad. Now he's not the sharpest tool in the box but he was clearly uncomfortable and embarrassed (as was his dad) and as our circumstances were, shall we say difficult at the time of the incident I was able to lay things on quite thick and he did quite a bit of squirming. His apology seemed heartfelt (although I doubt he was responsible for doing our car) and I think that at 15 years of age he's hopefully going to get himself on a better path in life.

So, did I do the right thing? Should I have bothered with a 15 year old scrote or like most of the 50 or so people affected 'been too busy'? What would you have done given the opportunity and is RJ a good or bad thing? I know that KorkyKat has a low opinion of RJ but what about the rest of you?

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