Source: (1998) Chapter 7. In, Andrew von Hirsch and Andrew Ashworth, eds., Principled Sentencing. Readings on Theory and Policy. Oxford: Hart Publishing. 300-311.

In their book Principled Sentencing: Readings on Theory and Policy, Andrew von Hirsch and Andrew Ashworth present a collection of essays by various authors on moral and philosophical issues in sentencing theory. The book is organized by chapters, with relevant essays within each chapter. Chapter 7 covers a number of issues centering around restorative justice. Ashworth sets up the chapter with an essay introducing the re-emergence of concern for victims of crime, as found in restorative theories and victim-centered theories of criminal justice. Within this concern, there are a variety of perspectives with different emphases. Hence, Ashworth identifies what he considers to be two principal paradigms in this variety: a compensatory focus; and a conflict resolution focus. That leads to discussion of the foundations of restorative theories, some problems with restorative justice, and restorative justice in practice.