Source: (2007) In Gabrielle Maxwell and James H. Liu, ed., Restorative Justice and Practices in New Zealand: Towards a Restorative Society. Wellington, NZ: Institute of Policy Studies, Pp. 215-220.

"In 2005, my colleague Gabrielle Maxwell and I examined the experiences of 15 New Zealand schools using restorative practices (Buckley and Maxwell, 2007). These schools differed in socioeconomic backgrounds, and all identified themselves as using restorative practices. While representing only a small group of the many schools in New Zealand, they provided us with the opportunity to study the experiences of a sample of restorative schools and add to the findings reported in chapter 10. This short account of the project outlines how these schools described the values that underpinned their practice, the contexts in which restorative practices were used, the elements that were key to their operation, and the outcomes that were reported." (Abstract)