Source: (2006) London: Restorative Justice Consortium.

The government continuously speak of 're-balancing the crimina justice system in favour of victims’, ‘raising public confidence in the CJS’, and ‘putting the needs of victims first’, This literature review addresses those studies that have proven that Restorative Justice (RJ) can help to achieve those aims. l i ti l A 2005 Home Office report on RJ states, ‘Research evidence shows they can deliver higher victimsatisfaction and communty confidence than traditional criminal jusce approaches – so they can help deliver on Crimina Justice System (CJS) priorities…’1. There have been numerous studies carried out across the globe focusing on the relationship between restorative processes and the outcomes for victims. There is very little debate on these particular outcomes of restorative justice (RJ) as the benefits for victims have been accepted. However, as with any review, there are some issues that should be identified. (excerpt)

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