...The Bethlehem Area School District in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, engaged CSF Buxmont’s Restorative Services program during spring 2010. Restorative Services facilitator Elizabeth Smull provided expertise in restorative practices for six hours a week in three emotional support classes, two at Liberty High School and one at Freedom High School. At the end of six weeks, Smull could point to encouraging results and positive feedback from the students and three teachers involved.

“The whole experience was really fantastic,” said Jennifer Curti, a science teacher at Freedom High School. “Using restorative practices, and circles especially, gave us a structure and forum for discussions in my class. We engaged in some really heartfelt conversations during this time. I found myself sharing things about myself with my students, and that established a new level of trust and cooperation between us. They felt respected and empowered,” added Curti. “My classroom dynamic changed for the better and provided more time for teaching.”


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