Source: (2003) Paper presented at the 6th International Conference On Restorative Justice. Vanucouver, British Columbia. June 1-4, 2003. Downloaded 17 September 2003.

Many people speak of restorative justice as a values or principled-based movement. Few have offered a coherent articulation of what those values and principles are and what they are not. This essay is a hindsight articulation those restorative values and an attempt to bring them together into a JustPeace Ethic. Examples of best practice are given to illustrate values, however, the larger agenda is not so much to advocate specific forums/processes as it is to encourage creative value-based peacebuilding. Best practices should change as time, people and culture change. What stays the same and what must hold this movement together is a commitment to shared values. It is hoped that the JustPeace Ethic presented here might serve as a meeting ground – a place for people from very diverse backgrounds to come together and discover common ground: restorative values.

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