Source: (2013) New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan.

Examining the 'Conciliation in Equity' program in Colombia, this book provides a dramatic, cross-cultural example of community justice and a model for developing alternative methods of resolving crime and conflict. Contents: Changes and challenges -- what were the conditions that led to the development of Conciliation in Equity? -- Restoring justice -- what were the theoretical and philosophical foundations for Conciliation in Equity? -- Origins -- what background and historical facts made Conciliation in Equity possible? -- Practices and procedures -- what is Conciliation in Equity? -- Images -- who were the Conciliators in Equity? -- Contexts and conditions -- where was Conciliation in Equity held? -- Patrons -- who were the participants in Conciliation in Equity? -- Reports and research -- what were the results of Conciliation in Equity? -- Comments, suggestions, recommendations -- what is to be learned from Conciliation in Equity?