Source: (2004) Justice Reflections: Worldwide papers linking Christian Ideas with Matters of Justice. Issue 6 (JR 37-44).

Ubuntu, and so restorative justice, gives up on no one. No one is a totally hopeless and irredeemable case. We all remain the children of God, even the worst ones. We all retain the capacity to become saints. For us as Christians the paradigm was provided by our Lord and the penitent thief on the Cross. He had led a life of crime presumably until he was crucified. Some might be appalled at this deathbed repentance and conversion, but not God whom we seek to emulate- "be as perfect as your heavenly father is perfect' is Jesus' exhortation. We are not able to declare categorically that so and so has a first class ticket to hell. We shall be surprised at those we meet in heaven whom we least expected to be there. Perhaps we shall also be surprised by those we do not find there whom we might have expected to be there.