Source: (2000) Island Pamphlets No. 29. Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland: Island Publications.

For more than thirty years, Northern Ireland has endured much suffering and grief from political and sectarian violence. Michael Hall points out that the people and communities have also been afflicted by a long catalogue of mindless acts of anti-social behavior. Given problems connected with regular police forces in the context of the “Troubles,â€? paramilitary organizations stepped in to police communities and establish political control. Means of enforcement included punishment beatings and shootings. In recent years, however, many have begun seeking alternatives to both government policing and courts and paramilitary systems of control. Restorative justice efforts have emerged at the community level in both Loyalist and Republican areas. This document presents dialogue and ideas from a community-based exploration – including parents, a clergyman, a local merchant, a youth worker, a police representative, workers from restorative justice projects, and young people – to address behavioral problems and potential solutions in Northern Ireland.