Source: (2012) Dissertation. Degree of Doctor of Psychology. Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

This intensive single case study highlights the impact of the local wraparound program (WRAP) on a 16-year old probation youth of immigrant background. A holistic lens emphasized the interactive spheres that made up Rey’s (pseudonym) and his family’s world. Theoretical considerations from individual and systems orientations highlighted the complex interrelated factors: social ecology; community psychology; wraparound; attachment; complex trauma; emotion regulation; interconnectedness; family therapy; and coherence. A session-by-session synopsis of Rey’s interactions with the program was followed by an analysis of defenses, receiving support, connectedness, participation, exploration, and emotion regulation. The holistic model offered detailed insight into Rey’s experiences during his work with WRAP. Although the results are individualized, the focus on the single participant allowed for sensitization and increased awareness regarding WRAP’s impact on Rey’s world. The use of the holistic model and the themes that emerged should be examined in further research with different populations and sociocultural surroundings. (author's abstract)