Source: (2001) Relational Justice Bulletin. August (11): 6-8. Downloaded 15 May 2003.

In their essay Aidan Wilcox and Catherine Appleton look at what works in national restorative justice strategies. They begin by noting that in 1999 the Youth Justice Board in England launched an ambitious range of programs to reduce and prevent youth offending. This set of initiatives is based in a restorative or relational approach. There are a number of questions, say Wilcox and Appleton, that cluster around such efforts. For example, how successful is a restorative or relational approach? What are people actually doing? What works? As researchers, Wilcox and Appleton have been analyzing a large number of restorative justice projects in a variety of countries. Here they summarize their findings about the promise and the pitfalls in restorative or relational practices.

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