Source: (2004) Papers presented at the Third Conference of the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice, 'Restorative Justice in Europe: Where are we heading?', Budapest, Hungary, 14-16 October. Downloaded 22 September 2005.

The presentation will consist of: 1. Short introduction about policy option towards RJ in prison and main goals of RJ counselors in the prisons. 2. Short explanation on the basic concept and relation to the RJ-paradigm. 3. Main conclusions about practice and developments until now, concerning: - structural and cultural process of change within the organisation - participation of members of the penitentiary staff - development of RJ instruments (apart from mediation) - participation of society as party involved in the RJ-programme 4. Main goals towards the future. We would like to pose some clear questions concerning the evolution of RJ-practices within the prison context to enable the participants to exchange experiences, evaluations and conclusions and look upon similarities as well as differences in the different countries. Author's abstract.

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