Source: (2002) Chelsea, MA: Roca, Inc. Downloaded 22 November 2005.

Since its inception in 1988, thousands of young people from Chelsea and Revere, Massachusetts have reclaimed their lives at Roca through the power of transformational relationships. Driven by a vision of children thriving and leading change, Roca has become a place where disenfranchised youth find a safe haven for growing and nurturing their dreams: both for themselves and their community. Rejecting the deficit model—a model that sees young people as the victims of the social ills that they have experienced: poverty, racism, war in their native countries, and violence in their own communities, Roca has built it’s programming on the strengths of these resilient youth. Roca’s theory of change is that as young people experience greater degrees of belonging and generosity in their lives, they become better positioned to thrive and lead change as they grow into adulthood. Author's abstract.