Source: (2014) Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution. 16:221-235.

This Article will review recent efforts to utilize mediation as a solution to bullying, and evaluate whether common approaches to its use and implementation have proven to be an effective solution to the bullying epidemic. Part I of this Article provides an overview of bullying and the current state of the problem in Americatoday. Part II discusses the current legal climate and underlying motivations in legislative change and development. It goes on to offer a synopsis of the state of the law and the scope of its reach to address and remedy the problem of bullying. Part III offers an overview of efforts made by schools to implement programming to respond to and cure the problem of bullying. It also examines the findings and results in research development in response to programming that has been implemented to date, and whether the evidence shows that current efforts are providing an effective solution to the problem of bullying. Part IV assesses the results of empirical research over the last decade and a half and re-visits the question of whether mediation, mainly peer mediation, can still be considered the solution to the problem of bullying. Part V argues that mediation training and curriculum is an essential key to the solution of bullying, and contends for its broader use and implementation on a more uniform basis throughout schools. Part VI offers a brief conclusion.(excerpt)