Source: (2010) Paper presented at the IIRP 13th World Conference in Hull, UK, 13-15 October.

In my presentation today I will try to answer the question “Why are some inner cities prone to conflict?” by examining the findings of my empirical study on a Jamaican inner city community. Why did I do this study? I did it as a basis for my Master’s thesis and at the suggestion of the Dispute Resolution Foundation of Jamaica which wanted local material with which to use in devising management systems for the several categories of conflict surfacing and causing grief to the nation. I identified twelve (12) main roots of conflict in three (3) areas of community life - Living Conditions, Education and Personal Security and the extent of the influence of the historical past. I will examine one of the roots of conflict through the lens of the Social Discipline Window. I will also share with you a resident’s story and how her challenges can be accommodated in the WITH box of the Organizational Change Window and what has been done so far in the community and in Jamaica.(excerpt0

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