Source: (2003) Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives Association. The Centre for Restorative Justice, Simon Fraser University. Downloaded 2 October 2003.

In June 2000, a new partnership was born when School District #35 in Langley, BC and Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives (CJI) agreed to work together to explore how restorative justice (RJ) principles might be applied throughout the local school system. This initiative grew out of the need to create safe schools through an effective, sustainable approach that does not rely on punishment and isolation to deal with discipline issues. The concept was that restorative justice based approaches will give frustrated parents and educators alike additional strategies for effectively addressing misbehaviour, the underlying issues responsible for that behaviour, and harms that occur as a result. To this end, we offer regular presentations and educational sessions about restorative action, which help raise awareness across the school district. In Secondary and Elementary Schools, we have a "Restorative Action" curriculum for students, parents, and staff, which prepares the trainees to be called upon when conflict in the school arises. We also have staff from CJI and the school district prepared to respond restoratively to more serious issues that arise in school environments. Although there are a number of individual schools across Canada, the US and elsewhere that have begun to use restorative justice based approaches in schools, this project is one of the first of its kind in implementing RJ as a collaborative effort and in a comprehensive manner throughout an entire school district. Abstract courtesy of the Centre for Restorative Justice, Simon Fraser University,

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