The report's "Summary of Findings and Recommendations" identifies five core principles of schools that are safe and that provide nurturing learning environments:

  • dignity and respect for all members of the school community;

  • authority and responsibility for discipline residing with educators rather than police personnel;

  • strong and compassionate leadership;

  • clear lines of authority and open lines of communication between administrators, teachers, police personnel and students; and

  • unambiguous, fair rules and disciplinary procedures.

One of its seven recommendations is to "Mandate alternatives to harsh discipline," with the following explanation:

Schools throughout the United States have begun to implement positive alternatives to harsh discipline policies, and have succeeded in reducing suspensions and dropouts. The DOE should mandate trainings for all school staff in restorative justice practices—a conflict resolution method that focuses on providing opportunities for all sides of a dispute to define the harms caused by an act and devise remedies—and implement such programs in all city schools.

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