Source: (2009) New York: New York Civil Liberties Union.

Safety with Dignity: Alternatives to the Over-Policing of Schools examines six New York City public schools that are successfully maintaining safety while simultaneously promoting a nurturing school environment. This report explores the methods employed by these schools, including the tangible and intangible qualities that have contributed to their success. It concludes with practical recommendations to help the New York City Department of Education (DOE)—and urban school districts across the country—replicate their successful approaches to discipline and security. These six schools share a number of significant characteristics. Like schools that employ some of the most draconian discipline policies, these schools all serve at-risk student populations. None currently has metal detectors, although some did at one time. Yet each provides a safe and successful learning environment, as evidenced by significantly higher than average attendance, student stability and graduation rates, as well as a dramatically lower than average incidence of crime and school suspensions. (excerpt)

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