Source: (2006) In, Ross, Jeffrey Ian and Gould, Larry, editors, Native Americans and the Criminal Justice System, Paradigm Publisher, Boulder, London. Pp.217-233

In summary, there are several areas where agreements between natives and the state justice system would be beneficial. Tribal courts with jurisdictions over misdemeanors and child welfare make sense; local justice should be available, and currently it is not. Probation and parole programs in villages are sensible as well. Native felons released on parole or probation should not be forces to live in Anchorage, Fairbanks or Juneau because those are the only locations where services are available. Other recommendations that violate constitutional rights or depend on state recognition of tribal status will no doubt have to be settled in federal court, as was the issue of Indian country. Nevertheless, natives are seeking ways in which to regain some of their lost autonomy, and this is a good beginning. (excerpt)